(678 Hart St, Brooklkyn, NY 11221)


About the venue:
MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick, located in the heart of Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY, was founded as the home venue for ensemble mise-en in 2014. Over the past five years, MISE-EN_PLACE has continuously evolved with the aim to support and present undiscovered contemporary music and sound art and bring a repertoire of challenging new sounds to diverse audiences--creating meaningful connections to an incredibly vast, diverse and growing body of contemporary music.

9.20.2019 @ 8pm
Anqi Liu (USA): All Partials (2019, NY premiere)
João Pedro Paiva Oliveira (Portugal): Things I have seen in my dreams (2019, US premiere)
Diego Ratto (Italy): Cohærere (2019, US premiere)
Ford Fourqurean (USA): quiver | static (2018)
Scott Murakami (USA): Difference (2019, world premiere)

9.21.2019 @ 12pm
Christopher Coleman (USA): śūnyatā (emptiness) (2015, NY premiere)
Marco Dibeltulu (Italy): Lo strappo nel cielo di carta (2018, US premiere)
Giacomo Baldelli (USA): Slow Earth (2018)
David Snow (USA): Crazytown (2018, US premiere)

9.21.2019 @ 3pm
Cameron Johnston (USA): Clock on a Chain (2019, NY premiere)
Yanik Tremblay-Simard (Canada): A Vita Ad Mortem (2019, US premiere)
Carl Bettendorf (Germany): Souvenir (2012)
Josh Clausen (USA): Yoshi (2019, NY premiere)

9.21.2019 @ 6pm
Libby Fabricatore (USA): Electrotropism (2019, world premiere)
Heejin Jang (South Korea): Dust, and Blues (2019, US premiere)
Yeabon Jo(South Korea): Route I (2019, world premiere)
Robert Scott Thompson (USA): Nullius in Verba (2018, US premiere)
Young-Shin Choi (South Korea): Sigan (2017, NY premiere)

9.21.2019 @ 9pm
Peter S. Shin (USA): Screaming Shapes (2017, NY premiere)
PROMPTUS Collective (USA): xkeyscore (2019, world premiere)
Christian Banasik (Germany): Tree Blossoms IV (2018, US premiere)
Ian OBrien (USA): Densities (2015, world premiere)
Charles Madison Van Tassel (USA): Inside the Hidden Layers, Looking Out (2019, world premiere)